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Being Friends 

Healthy membership numbers demonstrates that the community cares about decisions affecting their environment. 

Benefits of Membership -

Demonstrate your commitment - membership of Manly Lagoon Friends enables you to demonstrate in a simple, practical way that you value your local natural environment.

Get informed - membership ensures you are kept up to date on how your Association is standing up for your local environment, running projects, educating the community about the state of our natural assets, and collaborating with partners and decision makers.

Be recognised and appreciated - our membership register is the Association's biggest asset. We strive to develop and build a collaborative, inclusive and positive relationship with our members. 

Have your say - membership allows you to attend functions, forums and meetings we convene during the year and to participate in discussions on current topics. Members can vote on motions at meetings including the Annual General Meeting.

Help set direction - members can nominate or second themselves or another person for election to the Executive Committee and so influence the direction the Association takes.


Membership basics

MEMBERSHIP can be in the name of an individual, family or household - we do not differentiate between these categories and the same membership fee applies to all.

LEVEL of membership - we offer basic membership at $2 with three additional levels of financial contributions:
Friend, Very Good Friend, and BFF.
By making the basic membership low we provide members options to make a financial contribution if they wish. These contributions are treated as a donation (not tax deductible).  All levels of membership provide the same benefits.

​AGREEMENT – Members must accept and agree to uphold the objectives and values of the Association and treat each other with respect and dignity.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – Membership donations are automatically debited annually with opt-out at any time.

SECURE – All payments are managed securely through the platform Donorbox.

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